Saturday, September 15, 2012

Skepticism, God, Science, and the Physical Universe

The scientific method cannot prove the existence of a physical universe.  This is so because science assumes the physical world exists - its existence is a premise in any scientific hypothesis (1, 2).  It's illogical to have as your conclusion one of your premises.  Therefore, science can never prove that a real physical universe exists - any scientific argument for its existence would be begging the question (3, 4).

Yet we all (hopefully) believe the physical universe exists.

We all believe in the existence of things that enjoy absolutely no scientific evidence to support their existence. We believe the physical universe exists external from our mind, and that it would continue to exist even if we stopped existing--science cannot prove this because science assumes it.

So am I irrational to believe in the existence of God?  I suppose I might be.  But if I am, and if the reason is that there's no scientific evidence, then I am also irrational to believe in the existence of a real physical world.

Basic Assumptions of Science:
(1) Research Methods/Assumptions of Science
(2) Assumptions and Limitations of the Scientific Method
Logical Fallacies:
(3) The Writing Center
(4) Logical Fallacies Hand-list

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