Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cruel Reminders

Cruel reminders happen all the time
When my mind is at peace I see a picture, taken when you were fine
I toss and turn in my bed
Over and over, remembering things you said
When I want to think of you, the pain is so great
I cannot run away, I cannot win this fray
I cannot break down the strength of this gate
I cannot hear your voice, the cruelest cut of all
How many more times can I lose you
I love you, but you never call
Not like you used to
No, never again
How can I now make things right
They will never be right
You would have made it, you would have been a light
People could have seen the way out of the terror
and the fright
But I didn't listen
I didn't hear
Now it's too late
I'm left alone with my fear

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