Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Complicated Creator

We've all heard the question.  Who then, created God?  An atheist will ask this question as if the question is an ultimate attack, against which there can be no defense.  When a theist gives "God" as a perfectly rational answer to the question of where life came from, an atheist will call a foul.

The atheist will say, "That's not an answer to the question of where it came from.  Appealing to a Creator only complicates the issue.  Anything that could create something would necessarily be more complicated than the thing created.  So, appealing to God doesn't answer anything, it just complicates the issue."

John and Bill flew on a rocket to the moon.  Upon arrival, they noticed a bunch of machinery that resembled tractors.  John looked at Bill and said, "Who made this stuff?!"
Bill said, "No one made this stuff."
John said, "Yes, someone did."
To which Bill responded, "Appealing to a maker only complicates the issue.  Anything that could make it would have to be more complicated than the things that were made.  So, appealing to a maker doesn't answer anything, it just complicates the issue.  I mean, who then made the maker?"

John responds in the only rational way, "I don't know why you always forget to take you crazy medication, I'll go get them for you."

Readers, the whole point of the post is this: It doesn't matter if the Maker is more complicated than the thing made.  The statement "The Maker is more complicated than the thing made" is no reason to neglect mentioning a maker as an explanation.


Danny said...

I thank Alvin Plantinga for this. But, my rantings hardly do his writings justice.

Robin said...

Seems to me that atheist are more faith based than anyone else. Takes a lot of faith to believe all this "just happened". Even accounting for the oceans of time we're dealing with, the odds against "spontaneous combustion" would be astronomical.

It's a cliche, but I think God exists outside time and space. The laws of physics don't apply to the Greater Power. If he exists outside time and space, then he's completely beyond comprehension, save through spiritual principles (which are universal). Strangely perhaps, they work for ethical atheist as well as believers. The fourth dimension is all inclusive of those willing to put others needs ahead of their own.

Danny said...

Some people believe that you can only know God through the "via negativa", the negative way - the only true things you can know of God are things that He is not. Such as - God is not evil, God is not stupid... I, however, do not believe the via negativa is the only way to know God.
I believe we can know positive facts about God.

Danny said...

Feel free to listen to Alvin Plantinga. He is on the youtube screen to the right of the blog.

Danny said...

Robin, thanks for your input.