Thursday, February 2, 2012

Richard Dawkins Crappy Logic

I have been accused of giving a straw-man argument, with respect to the post below (1).  Straw-man arguments are arguments that are very weak, and that the opponent doesn't really use anyway (2).  This accusation is false for two reasons.  First, I have had conversations with many different atheist, and this is an argument they used.

Second,  This atheistic argument is taken from Richard Dawkins, in his book "The GOD Delusion" (3).   If this atheistic argument I presented is weak, it is not my fault - it is the fault of one of the leading Atheist, because he is the one using it.  I cannot help it if many atheists use weak arguments.  I agree, this is weak, and atheist shouldn't use it.  However, the leading atheist does use it, so I have no choice.

Dawkins says that you can't appeal to God as the maker of anything, because God would have to be more complicated than what He made - that's more or less what he said... and this makes me question Dawkin's sincerity, because the objection is ignorant and I don't think Dawkins is ignorant.

Read "The Dawkins Confusion", by Alvin Plantinga, it's only 7 pages (4).  This will open your eyes to how illogical (lacking in good logic) Richard Dawkin's arguments are.

 Here is one of Richard Dawkin's arguments:
1.  We know of no irrefutable objections to its being biologically possible that all life has come to be by way of unguided Darwinian processes;
2.  Therefore, all life has come to be by way of unguided Darwinian processes.

This argument can be broken down to the following form:
1.  We know of no irrefutable objections to its being possible that (p).
2.  Therefore, (p) is true.

That is how crappy Richard Dawkin's logic is.

For the best book on Theistic Philosophy, by the best Christian Philosopher of our time, read Warranted Christian Belief, by Alvin Plantinga (5).  In Plantinga's book he shows how Theistic belief, and Christian belief, can be rational.  It is a Must Read for anyone who thinks belief in God is irrational.
(1) The Complicated Creator
(2) The Writing Center
(4) The Dawkins Confusion by Alvin Plantinga
(5) Amazon - Warranted Christian Belief (about $23)

Bonus:  FREE Book (PDF Format):
Warranted Christian Belief, by Alvin Plantinga (PDF) 


Danny said...

Plantinga wrote "The Dawkins Confusion", and it's only 3 pages.

I highly recommend the read; well worth the time. He also wrote a book called "Warranted Christian Belief".

Plantinga is one of the greatest modern philosophers around today.

Dennis D. said...

My meager contribution to this here topic is that the "Who created God?" question appeals to a cause and effect concept that need not apply to God. It seems clear that there must be something eternal or else everything appeared ex nihilo(out of nothing--I probably butchered that). Anyhoo, the question until the big bang's rise to preeminence was "why couldn't the universe itself be eternal? why do we have to invoke God?" However, this seems demonstrated to not be the case now for the majority of cosmologists and physicists and hair stylists. This points to God once again as the uncaused first cause. Cause and effect is constrained to a closed physical system, but God is agency not simply one step further back of the dominoes that have fallen, but the guy that set them up and started the process in the first place. Either answer seems obviously outside the realm of meaningful scientific hypothesis other than the deductive/logic aspects I've just laid out.

Danny said...

Thanks Dennis. God is eternal; by this I mean that the very definition of God includes his eternal nature. So if God does exist, then necessarily God would have no maker. If God does exist, then necessarily God is the creator of all things and nothing created God. If a being (no matter how powerful and knowing) was created, then that being is not God. That is why we stop at God; the answer should really be obvious; it's be definition. However, the universe is not, by definition, eternal. The universe had a beginning--the big bang, apparently. Now there are some who say the universe is eternal, but this is so far from being genuine scientific theory that it's ridiculous. The idea crafted by people who knew the big bang led to a creator.