Saturday, August 22, 2009

Grief, Loss, Happiness, and Joy

"We give out, but we don't give up."

Weeping flows from the lungs of a newborn.  Tears flow from the loss of security.  A new sense of uncertainty.  A new sense of fear.  The baby can not open his eyes, not yet.  The horror of this reality needs time to set.  Can he hear the words of care and comfort?  Does he understand?

Joy flows from the hearts of new parents.  Tears rush out from a new sense of purpose, of love.  The parents take not their gaze away from this child, not now, not ever, for this bond of love no one could sever.

Weeping erupts from the hearts of parents.  Doubt rushes in with all these horrible feelings - a sense of uncertainty, of fear.  Will they open their eyes when the horror sets in? Can they hear the words of care and comfort?  Will they understand?

Joy explodes in the heart of the newborn.  A wonderful sense of love, of purpose.  The baby can not close his eyes, not now, not before all this beauty he has found.  Brought up to the chest of his Father in a loving embrace, the newborn and his Father look down.  And for the first time, he sees the love of his parents, and he does understand.  And as the newborn hovers so close to the Father, his soul gazes ever on his parents, for this bond of love, no one could sever.

"I'll be happy then."

Weeping rends the souls of this family.  A man with two great losses - a girl with one.  What comfort can there be in so much pain.  What agony so great can compare.  All look on, this burden so eager to bear.
How can I stand to place her down.  How can I live and let it down.  I watch the flowers fall, all over the wood.  Will they ever meet again?

Joy explodes in the heart of the mother.  The heart in hand turned to reality.  The soul gaze of the newborn in part realized.  Now they both await the man, Now they both await the girl, Now the two present their request before the Father, "Please, Father, comfort them, till we meet again.... because it will surely be a long time from now."

This is the sequel to the post: "We Give Out.... But We Don't Give up" (1), written on 1/18/09, about my friends who lost their unborn child.  This sequel is inspired by my friend (the husband) and his daughter upon the loss of the mother, only 7 months later.  This sequel added, "I'll be happy then."  That's part of what a little girl said to me.

(1) We Give out.... But We Don't Give Up

With much love and affection,